BluTrack Performance Series Super Stunt Pack Racetrack Set

25 ft. This increases the possibilities by another parameter not available in any other track system. Coil of 2 lane wide, flexible toy racetrack featuring NEW Performance Channel. Hours of racing fun for one child, or the entire neighborhood indoors, or outdoors. All blutrack racetracks are an excellent platform for racing your Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and other brand die cast vehicles.

Make huge loops with the included Performance Inserts. It's a great STEM toy too. Everything you need in one convenient storage, and travel box. The only limits with this toy racetrack set are Newton's Laws, and your child's imagination. Make bigger, rounder loops, wider barrel rolls, and so much more. Children 4 years and older can really get into some amazing setups by adding the included Performance Inserts.

Includes 2 high quality blutrack racer Vehicles. Blutrack performance Series is the smarter track for those who want to do more. Do more than you ever thought possible with this incredible toy racetrack! blutrack performance series Super Stunt Pack toy racetrack set has everything you need to make amazing stunts including a 25 foot continuous coil of flexible 2 lane BluTrack Performance Series race track featuring Performance Channel, Performance Insert Kit, adaptable hanger system allowing quick easy setup almost anywhere, 8 BluTrack Ramps, and 2 BluTrack Racers.

Many schools around the world use BluTrack racetracks to teach Force and Motion, and Engineering Concepts. You will be amazed at what you can do with BluTrack Performance Series.

BluTrack Racer 3-Pack

These high quality vehicles are compatible on BluTrack, and other popular brand gravity fed racetracks. 1/64th scale. High performance, high quality vehicles. 3 packs may include duplicate colors. Compatible on blutrack, Hot Wheels, and other 1/64th scale tracks.

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